Day: November 9, 2018


Enjoy Making Meat

Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. For cooking food lots of patience and hard work required. There are many types of cooking styles, Sous vide cooking is also one of them. Sous-vide word came from the French language and the meaning of this word is the process of cooking “under vacuum “is famously known as Sous- vide in French language and getting a great response from the gourmet and different type of cook in all around the world. In this method, the food prepared for cooking is placed in a jar made up of glasses and subjected to water bath due to which it increases the time of cooking as compared to normal cooking times. Typically it takes 1 to 7 hours or more than this so that, the meat could cook perfectly. In restaurants under the guidance of professional chefs various type of meat, item is made through this amazing process.

Let’s Enjoy Eating

There are two types of peoples generally one who eats vegetarian foods and another one is non- vegetarian. For most home cooks, the first they refer is new sous vids circulator is a steak. A simple steak is about 1½ inch thick. Sous vide cooking is ideal for meat. It content muscle fibers, connective tissues, water and so on. Sous vide also provides precision and prevents moisture loss. Around 130°F/54.5°C can give meat an incredibly tender texture. Human beings learned to cook meat for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Peoples remain healthy by eating this type of meals.
  • Peoples eat delicious meals.
  • By this meal’s physical structure changes in crucial way to make more eatable and digestible.


Many master chefs use this technique. It is a fashionable cooking technique. But government scientists have found the ‘Sous-vide’ method is increase the risk of food poisoning. There are many deadly bugs such as Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter and so on. This type of cooking method is very costly. If the material get destroy then there will be loss. Various meats have various side effects. If you eat stale meat you can fall sick.


Sous vide cooked meat business is very popular in many countries such as Western and European countries, Asian countries etc. This type of cooking process has been researched for many years. By this method of cooking one cannot harm herself/himself while cooking. It provides high nutritional value. Poultry meat requires low temperature to be cooked. It avoids obtaining crumbled and dry cooked chicken breast. Don’t over cook the meat so that it tastes bad. Sous vide are the major part for cooking meat. Sous vide retain moisture while cooking meat. Cooking in low temperature makes the food healthier.

Ideal for Cooking Meat Using Sous Vide

  • Meat contains water, fat, fibers, tissue etc.
  • Have incredible texture.
  • Prevent moisture loss.
  • It provides precision to food

Have a good mood eat good food. Forgive everyone after eating tasty food. Share foods with friends and enjoy it. Have healthy meat and stay fit. Drag out all motions of life and have a motionless moment by enjoying meat. Those people who eat non veg they love to eat meat. Cooking using sous vide method will make you a hero of the kitchen. Your name will come in good books. This unique combination of making food using sous vide cooking for meat method must be applied in India also.

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